Accelerate blog and make it load faster-Improving pagespeed

Page speed indicate the time your site take to load on client browser. Site load time affect your visitors mind and it is an important factor of Google search algorithm. So you should take the point sincerely if you want to interactive website which converts.

There are several tool online using which you can determine website speed.

  • PageSpeed insights : A tool developed by google. Where you can check mobile and desktop view performance and improvement recommendation. Where all the recommendation may not be possible but you should try where it is possible
  • Yslow : Is a page checker to determine performance of different browser developed by Yahoo!
  • Pingdom : It shows details information of responses of different files.

After checking using above tools you can get the overview of how your site performance is. There may be many reason why your site is slow. It may be for script or server.

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