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Best WordPress hosting 2019- Freelance Experience

Picking the best WordPress hosting is really tough from hundreds of web hosting service. If you search you will get hundreds of offer claiming best one. Depending on WordPress recommendation, hosting performance, security and support we have selected few best WordPress hosting. Most important thing after your site ready is hosting performance and security.In my 6 years freelancing experience I got chance to work with 750+ clients from all over the world and worked on 25+ different hosting platform. So I have gathered some experience in all this hosting, their performance.One truth is, a good hosting do not remains good years after years. Because there infrastructure become older after few years and they become poor in quality. So what you heard about a good hosting ,that may be the weak one now. I have skipped the hosting which was good before, I listed which is best now and hopefully remain best in next 4/5 years.

What you need to know before buying hosting for WordPress or any site?

Web hosting is the storage space of your website or content online. Once you keep your files there your site can be accessible from all over the world. You also need a domain name which people can type in browser and see your site. Some important aspect of a best WordPress hosting listed below.

Performance and speed:

Performance of the website is very important.  It helps you to get higher conversion rate and get search engine optimization benefit. Each millisecond is important factor. Search engine give priority to sites which load faster than others.


Many hosting yet using old system. For a better performance and security you need update hardware and software on the server.


Server security is important to keep site safe. Many hosting do not maintain proper feature which can cause problem to your site also.

Different Plans:

Can offer different plan to users. They can chose the option based on there requirements.


Many people think support is very important. If you have not much knowledge about hosting , it can be useful if there is live support.

Free SSL Certificate:

Many hosting providing free open source Let’s encrypt ssl certificate for domain name. It ensure site is safe and people feel confident that your is safe and and customer provided information also encrypted.Based on the criteria above we have listed 4 top performing hosting. Above all we give priority to fastest hosting for a WordPress site. My aim is to help you pick the best one easily. Not list all hosting company found online.

4 best WordPress hosting depending on our experience:

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. Bluehost
  3. InMotion Hosting
  4. Hostgator

WordPress hosting price comparison table:

Here I have made table to compare best WordPress hosting price. Price reduces when you buy 2/3 years together. In case you want to pay monthly, most hosting will charge high. Most of the top WordPress hosting provide free domain for first year.
HostingMonthly YearlyFree Domain (1 year)
A2 Hosting$3.92$52.86Yes
InMotion Hosting$6.39$89.52Yes
Now that you have the hosting. I can help you to create a beautiful website in WordPress at a affordable cost. I can show you my portfolio. Inform me your requirement. I can help you make complete site starting form $30. Most sites completed within $100. No upfront payment. Order only if you are happy with the created site.[contact-form-7 id=”813″ title=”Contact form 1″]

Ask 5 question to your hosting company

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